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27/02/2014 • June Huang

With all the rage surrounding Vita Fede these couple of years, who would have thought that when Cynthia Sakai (Designer of Vita Fede) first launched her line back in 2009 that the feedback would be less than welcoming.

In fact, the line’s signature piece, the Titan - a hinged bangle with distinctive cone details, was believed to be ugly by her Italian factory and even outdated by her own business partner.

“When it came in, no one liked it or even noticed it for the first year.” - Sakai

Fast-forward to the past couple of years, the Titan has reached elite status gaining itself a group of loyal followers and is also a firm favorite with celebrities and bloggers such as Selena Gomez, Alicia Keys, Avril Lavigne, Ke$ha, Jessica Alba, Aimee Song (Song of Style) & Dani Song.

Image courtesy of @songofstyle

“I wanted to create a line that both fashion and classic girls could wear every day, Vita Fede makes a statement without being overbearing or in-your-face.” – Sakai

Taking cues from the impeccably dressed Japanese women in her life such as her mother, her grandmother and great-grandmother, Sakai was determined to add a touch of sophistication to costume jewelry with Vita Fede. Further inspired by her father, who is a former architect, Sakai’s creations no doubt displays her love for clean lines and sculptural shapes.

“When I owned a showroom back in 2008, a friend gave me a bracelet from Italy and I just knew that I could sell it.” – Sakai

Thanks to Sakai’s ability to see the beauty and retail potential in the unexpected, a gift of leather-and-chain bracelet, which was an ever-present tourist souvenir sold in Italy for years, in the hands of Sakai, then sold 10,000 pieces when she added her own personal touch.

Vita Fede (known as Life & Faith in Italian) are made in Italy with each and every Swarovski crystal meticulously hand placed into the pieces. A single piece of jewelry takes about six to eight weeks to bring to life and to nail that incognito unpretentious look requires the intricate labor of five factories in Italy, whom also work with elite fashion brands like Céline, Saint Laurent, and Givenchy.

Image courtesy of @vitafede

With her attention to detail and distinctive craftsmanship, it’s no wonder that Vita Fede has now become de rigueur in fashion and is unanimously set to take over the costume jewelry world.

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Image courtesy of @etikitsg

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