THEA by Thara - Simplicity, Femininity and Playfulness

11/11/2014 • June Huang

It couldn’t have been a better match made in the fashion industry when Tawanna Thara who has worked in top embroidery fashion companies, which designs for high-end designers such as Phillip Lim met Shiqi Yao who comes from a background of family business that does fashion manufacturing and marketing in various parts of the world.

Combining both their knowledge in the fashion industry and their desire to create that perfect silhouette that balances simplicity, femininity and playfulness, THEA by Thara was born.

Understanding the needs of an everyday woman who works hard and plays hard, Thea by Thara aims to design and dress for a feminine figure - a understatedly sensual one who embodies both unwavering effortless confidence and a sense of distinct style.

“Simple silhouette with meticulous details is the philosophy behind our design”

Having met the two of them personally on a recent trip, I most certainly understood the whole concept and inspiration behind their brainchild.

Photo Credit: Shiqi Yao (@shiqiyao)

Tawanna Thara, more affectionately known as Numai, has that sense of distinctive style that features a reinterpretation of the New York City style chic, merged alongside the modest essence of the Asian culture. Combined with her always cheeky smile and personable charm, Numai is one woman who is undoubtedly charming and effortlessly chic.

Shiqi Yao, having grown up in both Singapore and Thailand, is one lady who knows how to work hard and play hard. Her “do not mess with her” attitude when it comes to work and her air of confidence combined with that hint of demure sexiness makes her the perfect spokesperson for THEA by Thara.

Their latest collection – Her Picturesque Prive featuring their famous simple silhouette and trademark use of delicate fabrics - is now available both in store at 34 Kandahar Street, Singapore and online at

Photo Credit: Nellie Lim (@nellielim)

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