Summer getaways

29/05/2015 • Rachel Tanudjaja

Summer stands for some serious fun time, with temperatures rising and everyone’s feeling a little confined in the bustling city, why not explore new sights and places. Here at et-i-kit, we have picked our top 3 ideal summer vacation spots! Each with a new reason to visit, whilst getting inspired by their culture and lifestyle!

Since the season strikes as the perfect time to update your wardrobe and experiment with something new, we have rounded up some summer looks for each designated city that you can master during your holiday!


Summer calls for adventure and subtropical weather, gear up for some fun and engage yourself with Mother Nature! Made up of nine islands, the Azores holds the peak of some of the world’s tallest mountains, located just beneath the Atlantic. The island is sprawled with nothing but the sun, sand and breath taking mountain scenery.


From the beaches to the bubbling volcanic grounds, these islands offer incomparable and exciting adventures to discover. They say, do it like the islanders. Whale watching and horse back riding is perfect for a family activity, and as for the more adventurous thrill seekers, be prepared to take on paragliding, scuba diving as well as canyoneering! To further explore the islands, take a ferry or a domestic flight to get around.

The Azores, is perfect for the summer holiday if you’re trying to avoid the summer influx of tourists. It is also a great choice for hikers, divers and wildlife enthusiast and anyone who just really want to get away from it all!

Look as good as the mother nature in these:



Who doesn’t love a strong cup of Cuban coffee in the morning while overlooking a gorgeous sight of buildings from every colour in the rainbow? With majestic views of rustic and authentic Cuba architecture as a backdrop, you wouldn’t even remember what s-t-r-e-s-s spells into in this setting.

Cubans have a laid-back lifestyle and a fascinating history, be sure to enjoy its unique old – school charms and enjoy the simpler things in life. Havana’s hottest spot includes a range of exotic beaches, to cigar factories and colonial buildings.

Highly inspired by music and dance, the famous El Tropicana nightclub is worth a visit; immerse in their extravagant performances and elaborate costumes. Let down your hair and live like a local for a night, go out in the town and enjoy a few rum cocktails and salsa the night away.

Havana, Cuba is ideal for a couple that loves exploring into new grounds of different culture and cuisine. This vibrant yet relaxed city life will leave you infectious and wanting more.

Best outfits to adapt in Cuba: 

Kanazawa, Japan

Japan is always a great idea, for any season, so why not summer? Located in the central mainland of Japan, Kanazawa is the capital of Ishikawa, facing the sea and mountains on two different directions. Travel from the southeast region, where the city faces the breath taking mountains and later head to the northwest to view the boundless Sea of Japan.

Kanazawa was one of the rare cities that escaped major destruction during WII, as a result their heritage and traditional culture, still lives on through their architecture and other forms. So it is a necessity to view the most celebrated landscapes, such as their traditional and quaint teahouse where geishas’ perform, temples with equipped secret doors that were built during WII and of course the former samurai district. For a more modern take of the city, visit the spectacular 21st century contemporary art museum, and be sure to take a ton of pictures.

This city is model for anyone who loves visiting historical grounds and tapping into new culture exposure. We are sure that the experience will be memorable, as the city holds a legacy in the arts and a rich heritage with many unique offerings that can’t be found anywhere in Japan.

Take dazzling photos with these outfits:



Travel away this summer!!


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