Girl Crush: Blake Lively

05/06/2015 • Mariel Choo

There is absolutely no denying that Blake Lively is one of Hollywood’s current IT girls, with the picture perfect figure, long luscious locks and the wholesome wardrobe, it’s enough to make any girl envy. 

Aside from being an actress, famously known for her role on the hit TV series Gossip Girl, she has progressively grown her name in the fashion industry over the years as one of the often-named best-dressed star. With the ability to effortlessly pull together chic looks time after time, we found it hard to believe that Blake doesn't have a stylist. Yes, she’s her own stylist, which makes her even more remarkable.

As we path through the evolution of her style from the past years, we’ve notice she adores mixing it up by keeping her silhouettes feminine while playing with prints and textures that exudes a timeless yet modern look. One of the many things we appreciate about her style is her innate ability to mix unexpected pieces and make them classy and sophisticated whilst pulling them off in a thoroughly modern way. Her overall style is timeless, sensible yet personal. Here are 4 of our favorite styles that Blake curated and pulled off beautifully.

We can’t seem to wrap our head around how perfectly put together she looks all the time. Everything she dons just looks effortlessly chic and complements her radiant skin tone perfectly. Can this girl be any more perfect? With a successful acting career, a gorgeous husband and flawless skin, Blake Lively really does have it all.

A true fashion icon and a major style crush of et-i-kit, Blake Lively is our very first Girl Crush. Tune in to find out who our next Girl Crush is…..