Designer Interview: Shona Joy

28/07/2015 • Mariel Choo

Shona Joy is the creative force and woman behind one of the hottest fashion label in Australia. Founded in 2000, her label first started with a capsule collection that was sold in market stalls at Bondi Beach and Paddington market. Fast-forward 15 years, today Shona Joy is stocked in over 200 retailers worldwide.

As exclusive prints and feminine designs have become the label’s trademark, every collection consistently showcases a fusion of prints, resulting in a feminine yet modern visual. Whilst maintaining understated classy separates for everyday wear, that we have come to love the label for.

In this interview, she takes us on a journey into her creative world and let’s us in on her inspiration for the latest collection, her personal style and more about the label.

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  1. Could you tell us more about how you started SHONA JOY?

Shona Joy: I started off working as a design assistant for a couple of years for other Australian designers. After which, i began my own label, selling printed tee shirts at Bondi and Paddington markets in Sydney. My first ever design was a aerial streetscape of Sydney and Christy Turlington. My very first stockist in Sydney was the infamous Corner Shop owned by Belinda Seper, she snapped 4 pieces up from my first collection and that was the birth of the label. 

  1. We are curious to know why you decided to manufacture in Australia?

SJ: I have been working with the same lady for 13 years, she owns her own factory in Sydney. We have grown our businesses together and I have a loyalty to her as she does to me. She makes the impossible happen and we work really well together. When problems occur i know that she will do whatever it takes to make it work. You can’t have that same confidence and security when you are working with lots of different factories in another country!  Of course it costs more to produce in Australia, but I like having the control and managing it all from here as for me it's much less stressful.

  1. How would you describe your style?

SJ: I love luxe bohemian mixed back with classics- and there is always a 1970's reference.  So a striped tee shirt and culottes would be my uniform of choice. (with a neck scarf for a 70's element) 

  1. What is 3 essential items a woman must have in her closet?

SJ: A beautiful black silk shirt, pinstripe culottes and a stripy cami and a silk scarf.

  1. What is your main inspiration for SPRING 15 Collection?

SJ: We looked at amazing beaches and holiday resorts. We looked at nautical, chevron stripes, referenced beach umbrellas, sun lounges... Think the Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terre.

  1. Can you take us through the process of designing exclusive prints for this collection?

SJ: We always start with the prints. We have a 8 meter long pin board in our design room so we have ideas up on the pin board for the next few seasons. If we still love the ideas when it comes to our start date for design, we go with it. Everything and anything can be our inspiration, such as travel, the 1970's , architecture, a colour palette, a film or record cover.

  1. Who would you love to see wearing this collection?

SJ: I would love to see Pernille Teisbaek and Sarah Jessica parker.

  1. And lastly, what is one item from this collection that you could see yourself wearing throughout the year?

SJ: Stripes and culottes.

The latest collection is available online! 

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