What to wear and avoid for Weddings

25/08/2015 • Rachel Tanudjaja

Wedding is the kind of event that you always get excited about. No matter how many times you've been to one, there'll always be the anticipation to witness love and be in an atmosphere of joy and celebration. But along with it, there's always a problem to be solved - finding the right dress to wear to the special event. We know this can be difficult and wearying at times, hence we have come up with a list of dresses to inspire as well as a quick refresher on what to avoid wearing to a wedding. 

1. Pastel candies 


From ballroom receptions, garden weddings to church solemnisation, wearing pastel will not go wrong.  Unless the wedding has a specific theme that indicates a specific dress code, pastel will be safe choice to look smart and chic without stealing the limelight from the bride. 

What to avoid: 

Colours that are too striking like neon, or too glittery dresses. No, you don't want to be the center of attention in someone else's wedding. 

2. Stylish in stripes


Stripes has got to be one of our top favourites for prints. It is timeless, and gives an adequate amount of edge compared to plain dresses. Perfect for a more casual reception such as beach and outdoor weddings. Be sure to pair it up with gorgeous heels and sexy red lips to add that touch of sophistication and glamour. 

What to avoid: 

Never be underdressed for a wedding. No matter how casual the wedding is, it is a special occasion that's going to be remembered by the bride and groom. A great amount of effort was spent so the least we can all do is dress up to the occasion. All in all, it's still better to go over than under. 

3. Go long 


Floor length dresses are an instant way to look refined and elegant in any occasion. Go with a neutral make up that complements the outfit and accessorise accordingly to rock the wedding. 

What to avoid:

There are good long dresses, and there are bad long dresses. Don't wear anything that's too tight and long that'll constrain your movements, or anything that's too grand and heavy. Opt for simple long dresses that will give you class without looking like you're trying too hard. 

4. Flaunt it. 


Off shoulder dresses are one of the most sophisticated dress in our opinion. It is graceful and sexy at the same time. Pair it with a dainty necklace to accentuate your collarbone and finish it off with a sleek up do. Just be mindful about your posture throughout the day and remember, DON'T hunch. 

What to avoid:

Despite how awesome you look in a short backless dress with plunging neckline, showing too much skin is not okay for a wedding. Unless you want the bride and her family to be "showering" you with piercing glares throughout the event, stick with just one sexy element to feature your favourite asset.  


We hope the above has given you ladies some inspirations on what to wear and what to avoid on the next wedding you're attending so happy shopping for your next dress!

xx Rachel