Au Revoir Les Filles

11/04/2016 • Rachel Tanudjaja

Introducing our current favourite indie jewellery brand- 

Pronounced as "Oo-re-vua lay fi" this label means goodbye girls in French. Founded by Paris trained designer Teresa, the Australian label was launched in 2014. The brand is designed meticulously with a theme for each collection, producing unique pieces that are dedicated as strong and poetic keepsakes.  Not only are the designs beautiful and impeccable even in tiny details, most pieces are finely crafted out of sterling silver, putting the quality of the jewellery superior than many other brands.

Speaking of starting with a bang, the brand's campaigns featured famous Australian talents like Ruby Jean Wilson and Margaret Zhang. Needless to say the result is absolutely gorgeous and they swept our feet away. 


We are currently swooning over the latest collection, DAWN. It was inspired by the myth and mystery of early marine exploration. Think of underwater adventure, sunken cities, shipwrecks and monsters of the deep. The whole collection speaks valorous and mystical yet dainty with elegance. If that doesn't intrigue you, we're sure that the blue opal series will win you over! The vibrant stone is so alluring that I think it'll look good with almost any outfits. 

What we really love about this label is that each jewellery has a story and a concept behind it. As described by Teresa, in each collection "there is a common thread to tie all the concepts together into a cohesive narrative. " 

Au Revoir Les Filles is available in store & online now !!