Introducing Shona Joy's Core Collection

18/07/2016 • June Huang

Let’s be honest here - most traditional bridesmaid dresses make us either want to cry or cringe. They’re blah, unflattering or made of scratchy material. THEY ARE BAD - and trust me, nobody wants that.

So how often do we as brides then generally succeed in picking out a dress that would flatter all of our bridesmaids? Luckily for me, I didn't really need to worry about that (thank goodness!)

When I first laid eyes on Shona Joy’s core collection – I thought to myself immediately that this is it; this is what my bridesmaids will be wearing! They’re flattering and comfortable and most importantly, they come in different colors and styles; ensuring that I pick the right style and color for every one of my bridesmaids! I mean come on, your bridesmaids said yes to doing this because they love you (presumably) and you love them too (once again presumably), and since they’ve already signed up for a little inconvenience, all we can do as brides is to be nice and make them look as great, cause who wouldn’t love a gorgeous looking bridal party?

Shona Joy’s Core Collection is suitable for multiple body types (available in sizes AU6 to AU14) and they're awfully versatile. Everyone will be able to choose a dress that they’re more likely to wear again, making sure that these bridesmaid dresses won’t be collecting dust in my girlfriends’ closets after the wedding is over. YAY!

Start by picking your colour palette! Be it the same colour palette throughout your bridal party or a colouful array of different styles – we’ve got you covered!






And to give you a general idea of how these dresses actually look like in real, here's some images from my very own bridal party (my girlfriends were dressed in a gorgeous shade of burgundy in different styles) as well as other images that I've managed to grab off Instagram!

Image Credit: @dgtportraits

Image Credit: @dgtportraits

Image Credit: @emjtrezise

Image Credit: @lovekatieandsarah


So now soon to be brides, what are you waiting for – drop me an email at and I’ll be there to assist you and hopefully take one thing out of your wedding to do list.

Don't let ugly dresses happen to your favorite people.  Everybody deserves something beautiful!